The Yard Webcam – a view of our train yard and loading area

This picture of our yard is seen from the dispatcher’s window in our depot (elevation 6571 feet). The shed in the middle left of the image holds our vintage equipment. Track #3 in the middle of the picture leads to another shed where we hold some of work equipment and some of the smaller Swiss (78 passenger units – go here for more info). The red brick building (hidden partially by trees) on the middle right is the Ruxton Hydroelectric Plant. In the upper left (barely visible on nice days) is Cameron’s Cone – about 10,000 feet high). This page is updated every 2 minutes (more or less) when we are open (not updated at 6AM, for example). Trains come down 20 minutes before departure time (9:20 comes down to load at 9:00, etc.) and then go up to the shop about 3 hours and 45 minutes after they depart. (9:20 AM goes up about 12:45 PM)… So this is a good time to see trains. The morning hours usually are best as this view looks west and the afternoon sun shines directly on the camera .


The Summit Webcam – looking southeast

his view is from the Summit House looking southeast. Updated every minute.
Also check out the National Weather Service’s Pikes Peak Summit Forecast!

AND the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Cam

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