Mooring ship in the port of Kimolos

kimolos adamantios korahs

An incredible video that really shocking and reveals the harsh and dangerous conditions under which they are forced to enter the vessels to many of the helpless and inadequate ports of Cyclades, went online a few days ago.

Is it worth it to watch the whole and especially in the last 5 minutes.

See how the ship Adamantios Korais attempts to reach the port of Kimolos Psathis, the day of March 25, 2013, while in gale force winds blowing 9 Beaufort. The huge waves, not just “wash” the small problems and transforming the region into the river promenade.

See how they managed to tie the ship to port, port and kavodetes, risking their lives and doing “winter swimming” since their waves obscures and came close to the drift.

See also, under what circumstances was the exit and entry of vehicles and passengers (running in panic in the water) who risked their physical integrity.

The operation was successful, although due to the ability and heroism of Captain and above and so involved, however, we can not overlook that the risk of serious accident was too great. And these images are not only rare. In contrast, occur frequently, perhaps almost daily during the winter season, many of the islands of the Cyclades.

See the shocking video: